A9 Dekaron Genesis [RANKING]

  Finally, Action 9 Dekaron has arrived at Core-Games with 200 Custom Ranks in-game.
  Unique Non-Reborn server with Bullions system, Free Dshop Exchange, DK Square,
  Colosseum, High EXP, High drop rates, Party Pvp, Battle Royal, New Skills, Expeditions,
  Guild Alliances, New Dungeons, All working, Max Stats on character: 3000
  The Best Action 9 Dekaron experience with Action 20+ updates. Try, you will not regret it.

140,564 Accounts
27,345 Characters
505 Guild
60 Online
897 Banned
Action 20 Versions
High Drop Rate
High Exp Rate
High Money Rate

Hero of the Day

Unknown [14/143]
Dragon Knight
LEVEL 200PVP 885955MAPID 150

A3 Dekaron The Answer [REBORN]

A legendary reborn server with a maximum of 5 resets 250 max level.
Running on old-school Action 3 files with latest Action 20+ Updates.
After each reset you gain 250 extra stat points to your character.
High experience rate, drop and dill. Now with Bullions system and
free Dshop Exchange.
If you are looking for old-school Dekaron (2moons) you are on right place.

140,564 Accounts
208,673 Characters
5,184 Guild
272 Online
897 Banned
Including A19.5 updates [Core Style] Versions
Super High! Drop Rate
Super High! Max Lv. 250 and max 5 Reborns Exp Rate
Super High! Money Rate
Based on old-school Action 3 Dekaron Action

Hero of the Day

Black Wizard