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6 XP Event 14 october 2018 Events

by: GM-LightSide | views: 6
Thursday | Oct 18,2018 | 07:10

XP Event

Location: Event Map 1

Spawn: XP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris +  Bosses Incarnation of Helion (Event), Duce Mable (Event) ,Cherubim (Event) and Angry Agacion (Core Event)


We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core


Sorry i forgot to post event on Sunday 14

12 Kill the GM Event 101718 Events

by: Lithium | views: 12
Wednesday | Oct 17,2018 | 16:10

Thank you for participating and Congrats to all WINNERS



dekaron 2018-10-17 20-52-59-903.jpgdekaron 2018-10-17 20-58-03-925.jpgdekaron 2018-10-17 21-04-57-954.jpgdekaron 2018-10-17 21-09-08-387.jpg


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21 Boss Event at Loa Castle Events

by: Lithium | views: 21
Saturday | Oct 13,2018 | 18:10

Boss Summoned as follows with the Screenshots.

dekaron 2018-10-13 20-11-52-676.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-15-03-605.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-22-34-822.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-30-25-824.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-36-14-567.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-41-15-080.jpgdekaron 2018-10-13 20-46-16-706.jpg

I hope you enjoyed :)

Till next time ;)



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16 3x exp weekend Events

by: Lithium | views: 16
Friday | Oct 12,2018 | 07:10

Happy farming, leveling. Enjoy the weekend




17 Kill the GM Event 101018 Events

by: Lithium | views: 17
Wednesday | Oct 10,2018 | 17:10

dekaron 2018-10-10 21-43-29-642.jpgdekaron 2018-10-10 21-46-39-431.jpgdekaron 2018-10-10 21-50-41-537.jpg

Thanks for all who participated and won.

Don't forget to vote for Core



52 PvP Event 10/08/18 Events

by: Lithium | views: 52
Monday | Oct 08,2018 | 19:10

Thanks to all who participated with the event!

Congrats to all winners


See link for results:

List of Videos:


My special thanks to @{Champion}Digger for filming
Till next time.




24 XP Event Events

by: GM-LightSide | views: 24
Sunday | Oct 07,2018 | 16:10

XP Event

Location: Event Map 1

Spawn: XP mobs, DKs ,Dils, Feathers, Golds, Akris +  Bosses Incarnation of Helion (Event), Duce Mable (Event) ,Cherubim (Event) and Angry Agacion (Core Event)


We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to vote for Core




672 104.15.0 Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 672
Saturday | Aug 18,2018 | 00:08

New game content:

- Added new weapon gems in game:

  • Fatal
  • Vital
  • Destruction
  • Max Critical Rhombus
  • Max Critical Pyramid

+6-9% gems can be found on low-level monsters

+10% gems can be found on high-level monsters

Ultimate gems 10-15%  gems can be found on bosses and hard monsters

- Added new maps: Forgotten Temple 1 and Forgotten Temple 2

- Added new boss Helpyron in Forgotten Temple 2 - drops best rings and ulltimate gems - respawn every1 hour

- Added teleport of new map to Alvin NPC teleporter at Ardeca

- Reduced dill drops (should slightly balance market after some time)

- Added new Sapphire Costume to Dshop

- Updated Attack, Defense and Max Critical gems in Dshop - added new gems

- Updated monsters names

- Updated anticheat

- Updated Ardeca

- Updated exchange:

Dekaron Coins I:

  • Added Max Critical Rhombus, Max Critical Pyramid

Naruke Exchange III:

  • Added +14% Attack gems


- Have fun in game!


*Manual Patch (If need):


Thank you,



dekaron 2018 08 17 22h 58m 41s 0908.jpg

dekaron 2018 08 17 22h 05m 38s 0203.jpg

dekaron 2018 08 15 20h 58m 21s 0053.jpg

1147 Patch 104.14.0 - 104.14.3 Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1147
Sunday | May 06,2018 | 13:05

Patch 104.14.0:

- Added new Wings of the Moon [Skin]

- Added new system to change Helion wings skin:

  • Added "Wings of the Moon [Skin Feather]" to Richard NPC exchange

- Helion Wings can be changed using "Skin Feather" to Wings of the Moon

- Updated VIP Aura effect textures

- Updated Champion Aura effect texture

- Prepared  files for future updates

- Updated Fortify Success Rates:
New Rates:

  • +1 99%
  • +2 99%
  • +3 99%
  • +4 95%
  • +5 90%
  • +6 85%
  • +7 80%
  • +8 75%
  • +9 65%
  • +10 40%
  • +11 20%
  • +12 10%
  • +13 5%


Patch 104.14.1 - 104.14.2:

- Updated Normal Aura, Cyan Aura, Dragon Aura coins price in Dshop
- Added new Aura Green Leaf, Winter Flake and Cursed Dragon Aura into Dshop in "Normal, Shield, Dragon Aura" tabs
- Decreased exchange price of Wings of the Moon [Skin]:

  • 100 Wing Upgrade Stones -> 10 Wing Upgrade Stones

- Updated Dill drop (Decreased drop rate to make dill more valuable in future)
- Added Ruby and Golden Juto's Revived Weapons
- Added new system to upgrade Juto's Revived Weapons:

  • Juto's Revived Weapons +13 can be upgraded to Juto's Ruby Weapons +13 with extra stats/options (+5% HP and Shield)
  • Juto's Ruby Weapons +13 can be Upgraded to Juto's Golden Weapons +13 with extra stats/options (+5% HP, Shield and Damage)

Juto's Revived Weapons can be upgraded into Ruby and Golden Weapons using Ruby and Golden Crystal

- Added Ruby and Golden Crystal to exchange for Narukes (Exchange Center)

  • Upgrading into Ruby and Golden Weapons success rate is 100%.

- Added new loading screen from Genesis server

Patch 104.14.3:

- Improved anti-cheat system


dekaron 2018 05 07 21h 18m 27s 0681.jpgdekaron 2018 05 07 21h 15m 42s 0648.jpgdekaron 2018 05 07 20h 21m 56s 0787.jpgdekaron 2018 05 07 20h 22m 07s 0003.jpgdekaron 2018 05 07 20h 22m 21s 0645.jpgdekaron 2018 05 07 20h 22m 29s 0041.jpg

*Manual patch (If need):


Thank you


701 Patch 104.13.0 - 104.13.2 Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 701
Saturday | Mar 31,2018 | 21:03

- Ardeca Town updated: Winter changed to Spring theme

- Dragon Knight PK/PVP Damage Ratio has been slightly decreased

- DK-Square Event map has been updated to newest Egutt Desert 2



- Added new 11 Guild of Glory Emblems to Dshop

dekaron 2018 03 20 22h 02m 28s 0749.jpg


Patch 104.13.1:

- Removed restricition max 2 clients opened in same time - Now you can open as many game clients as you want

- Removed Dshop coins for free per hour


Patch 104.13.2:

- Updated tip info and help patch notes (H) in-game text


*Manual patch (If need):


Thank you.


1929 Patch 104.12.0 - 104.12.2 [Infinite Battle 2 + Helion Wings Upgrade] Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1929
Thursday | Feb 01,2018 | 23:02

Patch 104.12.0:  


- Christmas Event ended. All Christmas free and Dshop limited costumes + Lollipops are removed
  - Added new maps lv. 195+ :

  •     Infinite Battle 2 - Battlefield (Non-PK) and Infinite Battle 2 - Fight (PK) to Conrad NPC (Parca Temple teleporter)

  - Updated map Battle Arena - Added new small monsters around the map
  - Added new Boss to Infinite Battle 2 maps: Ditar - drops Divine Noble rings
  - Updated Event Bosses :

  •   Added Divine Noble Helion Armors +10 and Juto's Weapons +10 to drops with older items
  •   Added new Event Bosses: Angry Yogmond, Angry Tarik, Angry Agacion, Angry Incarnation of Helion, Angry Karke

  - Added new Helion Wings:

helion wings korea.png
  - Added new fortify system for upgrading almost all wings to the best Helion Wings:

  •   You can upgrade your wings using "Helion Wings Fortify Feather" at Pablos or Axion NPC.

  - Added "Helion Wings Fortify Feather" to:

  •   Angry Incarnation of Helion (Event Boss) and Wings Upgrade Stone Exchange at Richard (NPC)

  - Updated Champion Wings stats - to be still slightly better than Helion Wings


Fortify Rates for Helion Wings Upgrade:

  • +32% Success Rate without talisman
  • +50% Success Rate with talisman

Patch 104.12.1:

Some more adjustments:

- Updated Exchange amount for Helion Wings Fortify Item from 100 -> 50 Wings Upgrade Stones

Infinite Battle 2 Updated:

  • Added DK-Coins, Feather of Infernus Wings and Argates drop to Infinite Battle 2 maps
  • Reduced damage and defense on Ditar boss
  • Added Helion Wings Fortify Feather to drop from Ditar boss (Low rate)
  • Slightly increased normal monsters damage

- Dead Front [Hell] Updated:

  • Increased DK-Coins and Feather's of Infernus Wings drop
  • Updated Oppucus [Hell] Boss - now drops best Divine Noble Rings (Last Deaf Front Boss)

- Slightly increased DK-Coins drop on all monsters

- Added Wings Upgrade Stone [100 EA] to Dshop



- Activated new feature - Free Dshop Coins for staying online (Every hour)

- Restricted opening game clients on 1 PC - max 2 game clients can be opened now

- Removed Channel 2


*Manual patch (If need):


Thank you.

dekaron 2018 02 01 21h 50m 25s 0841.jpg


dekaron 2018 02 01 18h 42m 00s 0872.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 18h 46m 55s 0078.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 19h 01m 10s 0465.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 21h 52m 34s 0207.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 22h 02m 40s 0095.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 22h 03m 51s 0923.jpg

dekaron 2018 02 01 11h 22m 16s 0966.jpg

1059 Patch 104.11.0 (Christmas 2017) Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1059
Sunday | Dec 10,2017 | 01:12

Christmas Update 2017:


- Added Christmas Theme to Ardeca

- Added NPCs Rudolph and Santa to Ardeca Town

- Added to Rudolph:

  •     Christmas Toy Weapons for all levels [shop] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.
  •     Rudolph Costume [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.
  •     Christmas Lollipops [Exchange] - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.

- Added Bad Santa, Santa's Lost Bags to Ardeca Town, Loa Castle, Parca Temple, Heiharp - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.

- Added Christmas Costumes:

  •     Santa Costume (60 Days) added to Dshop (LIMITED) - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.
  •     Rudolph Costume added to exchange to Rudolph (Ardeca) [ - Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.]
  •     Polar Costume added to Bad Santa  drop [- Will be removed after Christmas Event ends.]

- Added to Santa:

Black Bear and Panda costumes exchange to Santa NPC

- Added Christmas J Coins to Bad Santa and Santa's Lost Bags - Exchange them for Christmas items (NPC Santa and Rudolph at Ardeca Town)


- Added Christmas Necklace, Sealed Christmas Necklace, Perfect Christmas Necklace, Greatest Christmas Necklace
- Added new Christmas Ring, Sealed Christmas Ring, Perfect Christmas Ring, Greatest Christmas Ring

Christmas Necklace/Ring exchange has been added to Rudolph NPC.

  •     Upgrade Christmas Necklace to Sealed Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Christmas Necklace + 500 Christmas J Coins
  •     Upgrade Sealed Christmas Necklace to Perfect Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Sealed Christmas Necklace + 1000 Christmas J Coins
  •     Upgrade Perfect Christmas Necklace to Greatest Christmas Necklace at Rudolph: *Need: Perfect Christmas Necklace + 1500 Christmas J Coins


*Christmas Necklace/Ring can be equipped only 1 time. Cannot Equip more times, Non-Tradable, Personal item and Permanent.

Other changes:

  • - Segnale and Seguriper class has been slightly buffed - Increased PK/PVP Damage Ratio
  • - Segnale and Seguriper's skill "Remove" changed to self-remove skill
  • - Dragon Knight class has been slightly nerfed - Decreased Max Block Rate, but increased Guard Rate
  • - Dragon Knight skill Chricon 2 and Riracume 2 updated - Decreased buff effect time by 50% (from 10 sec buff to 5 sec buff and so)

- Added Santa Suit to Dshop [LIMITED]


(Start 10.12.2017 - End 10.01.2018)

- You will get from any donation +200% more coins (Double Donations)
- After event ends, all Christmas free costumes and Lollipops will be removed, only Christmas Necklace is PERMANENT!!!

*Manual Patch (If need):


Thank you.


1081 Patch 104.10.0 Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1081
Sunday | Nov 12,2017 | 21:11

- Removed Halloween and Event items

- Updated loading screen

- Ardeca changed to Winter Ardeca

- Fixed Juto's Revived Guard Arm stat requirements bug (STR/DEX changed to DEX/SPR)

- Increased defense by +10% on Juto's Revived Guard Arm and Shield

- Added new Devil Wings (365 Days) to Dshop


*Manual Patch if need:


Thank you.


dekaron 2017 11 12 19h 20m 46s 0918.jpg

dekaron 2017 11 12 19h 26m 14s 0801.jpg

611 Patch 104.9.5 (Halloween) Patches

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 611
Friday | Oct 20,2017 | 20:10

- Added Halloween theme to Ardeca and Parca Temple

- Added Halloween monsters with Special Costumes and candys drop

- Added new dragon knight halloween costume

- Added halloween attack and defense candy to drop


- All event items will be removed after event ends

*Manual Patch (If need):

Thank you.

1429 Network Service Maintenance Notices

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1429
Tuesday | Jul 25,2017 | 23:07

Dear players!

Please be informed that on 25.07.2017 starting from 22:00 +2 GMT to 
01:00 +2 GMT 26.07.2017 we will be performing a scheduled modernization 
of the network equipment. This may result in three short outages each up 
to 10 minutes. The maintenance is important for the quality of our services.

Please be informed that on 27.07.2017 starting from 23:00 +2 GMT to 07:00 +2 GMT we will be moving all our network equipment from the Serverius data center to Equinix AM3. This will result in complete inaccessibility of the server for the time of the transfer.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you.


1534 A3 Server Downtime. Notices

by: Head-GM-Quaz | views: 1534
Monday | Jun 13,2016 | 06:06

The problem started with siege script today and the reason it's taking so long is because the owner is traveling (not home).  The Developer has to work on this issue with siege script tomorrow and fix it for some reason it's crashing the channel upon starting siege which has to do with the last patch other day.   We're very sorry for the inconvenience it's caused everyone and the downtime.   The issue will for sure be taken care of tomorrow, siege will be set back to it's original "every week" start time.  I have no specifics time frame for the channel to be back on, if I would guess anytime from now up to 4 hours just occasionally check, i'll update here when the server is offically online.



1045 New Socal Core Network Page Notices

by: Core-Master | views: 1045
Saturday | Jan 09,2016 | 08:01



7140 To All Corentians Notices

by: Core-Master | views: 7140
Sunday | Feb 09,2014 | 01:02

Dear Corentians,

We know that you have experienced some server problems regarding DCs from the server, but let me assure you that the problem will be solved very soon, we are just testing some different DDoS protection servers and that is why you have these problems.

Also we would like to announce that in a few days we will launch a new A9 bug-free server for all of you to enjoy!

Here at Core we care VERY much about our players and will always provide for them THE BEST WAY TO ENJOY DEKARON!!!

The Core-Dekaron Staff


1331 Donation Bonus Period [Extended] Notices

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 1331
Friday | Jan 03,2014 | 18:01

Dear players,

We have extended +40% Donation Bonus for you.
Event will end 10th of January 2014.


All the best in new year 2014!

902 Christmas Donation Bonus Period Notices

by: DEV-Samurai | views: 902
Sunday | Dec 22,2013 | 17:12

Dear players,

Christmas Donation Bonus +40% starts and ends:

23rd December 2013 ~ 3rd January 2014


We wish you all the best,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2179 Website Update & Features (The Answer & NON Reborn) Notices

by: Head-GM-Quaz | views: 2179
Friday | Nov 22,2013 | 23:11

Ok, when signing into your account on our websites now you'll have more features you can do and i'll epxlain each one from the diagrams below.










Now you can simply change your password for your account by just typing in your old password and  the new password you want and clicking, "change password".



With this feature you can now change the email on your account(s) by entering your old email and the new email you want and clicking, "Change E-mail". It gets even better, now you can now use just ONE email on ALL of your accounts.



Now you can sign-in the website choose your "hero" from the panel and change your own characters name. All you have to do is purchase a name change seed in-game and have it in your bag, log out of your account in-game and sign into the website, enter the new name you want and click "change" your character name will be changed and the name seed will be taken off your character.



Now when you get stuck in the game all you have to do is sign into the character that's stuck on the website and click "Unstuck"


New Account Features:

When you register a new account you can use all the same details, First Name, Last Name, and of course one e-mail for all of your accounts, the only thing that needs to be different is your username.  Please remember upon making your new account you must check your e-mail to activate the account within 48 hours or that account will be deleted. After making a new account please check your e-mail and click the link in the e-mail we send you, when our page loads from the link you have to click, "Verify account"(If you don't receive the e-mail from us please check your spam folder for it.)


Some nice changes to and  Including some more live ranking changes and more. We hope this makes a lot of things more easy for you guys and you enjoy it. 


Thank you, and remember to vote for Core!


Thanks for all the changes go to Core-Master

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Patches Patch 104.14.0 - 104.14.3
Patches Patch 104.13.0 - 104.13.2
Patches Patch 104.12.0 - 104.12.2 [Infinite Battle 2 + Helion Wings Upgrade]
Patches Patch 104.11.0 (Christmas 2017)
Patches Patch 104.10.0
Patches Patch 104.9.5 (Halloween)
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